February 13, 2010

WOW! that banner needs to change! need to either add…Brant, Xander, Audrey and Pendley or just get a new one with just Xander?
I haven’t posted on here in awhile…busy, not thinking about it, post more on Facebook, tossing around the idea of changing blogs.

Xander is now 8 months old! He is so sweet! He has two teeth and started crawling the other day!
Everyone is doing pretty good here. I am trying to find a part time job where I work a few evenings a week or work a couple days a week where I can have Xander with me.

I guess I will try to decide on if I want to continue on here or move to somewhere else for a blog…Will let you all know when it happens if it does.

March 5, 2009

Man, I am really bad at this blog stuff aren’t I?

Let’s see…the holiday’s were great.  Thanksgiving was spent here with Scott’s family and then Christmas was spent with my family, which included a week long trip to Gulf Shores with everyone.  The vacation was great!

We now are working on figuring out why Scott is so anemic.  They are doing a profile test on him now which we should have those results by Wednesday.

I am doing well and will be 24 weeks along on Saturday.  I guess I haven’t blogged since we found out that we are having a boy!  His name will be Xander Ryan.

I guess that is about it.  I am exhausted everyday even when I don’t do much of anything.  With my record the next blog entry will probably be when Xander arrives!

NOVEMBER 18, 2008

Well, so I am not good at keeping this up to date…sorry. 

Things have changed ALOT around here…

Scott is still doing well.  He is on some new meds and we have an appt next week to talk about starting the immunosuppresants.  He also has stopped working on his doctorate work (long story short…we would end up losing a ton of money on it and it was stressing him out which caused him not to feel good)  I like my new relaxed husband!  He is alot more fun!


We kept Tara’s boys (yes both of them) this past weekend…I am exhausted. 


We also have started a new photography business here is the website for it…


We have already had a few photo shoots and have more scheduled.  It is fun!


BUT the biggest change is that we are expecting our first baby!  I am due June 27, 2009.  I am just over 8 weeks and yesterday I was able to have my ultrasound.  I saw our “Little Klingon” and its beating heart.  It was wonderful!


So I guess that brings you up to date so far…oh and the baby pics are on my facebook.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2008

Yep it has been forever.  sorry again.  and sorry but it will be short, Tara is on her way with Brant.  He is staying for a couple days while she works out of town. 

Things are going good.  I am starting medical transcription schooling to be able to work from home as a medical transcriptionist. 

Scott is doing well and is busy at work and doing his doctorate work too.

Everyone is doing well and I will work on getting a good picture of Brant to add to the banner…not sure that I can fit him in there though…hmmmm  that will take some work…

JULY 4, 2008

HEY all!  Sorry it has been awhile!  been crazy!  Scott and I just had Bryce and Brant over night wednesday and took them back thursday night.  They had a blast and so did we…


we are recovering slowly but recovering!  I got a new puter for saving scott’s life. hehehe  and am working on it and getting used to it so that I can get my stuff off the old puter and put it on this one. 


sorry this is a short post just wanted to say hey. hehehehe

Well today was the day!  The culture from the wound swab yesterday came back negative and so they took Scott back to the surgery suite this afternoon and stitched and stapled him up.  He had a rough night last night and didn’t sleep well.  He received some type of med for nausciousness (yeah i know spelling is bad) then they gave him a HUGE bolus of his morphine.  well that knocked him out for the morning and well the afternoon was taken care of by the sedation of the surgery.  so NOW at 9:30 pm he is awake.  we have had alot of visitors come see us up here and really lifts Scott’s mood up and helps to pass the time.  some of my family is coming tomorrowto visit and I think thier main goal is to try to get me out of here for awhile.  Which will be good but I will be torn and want to be here too.  I felt that way last night when I went to a family wedding here in clarksville.

Well I think I will get some sleep while he is feeling pretty good.

June 10, 2008

Well, we thought that Scott was doing better.  but well he wasn’t.  He went into SEVERE pain Monday night and was shaking and convulsing he was in so much pain.  SO I MADE him come to the ER and his parents helped me get him there. 

After 2 Morphine shots he started feeling better but they did a CT scan and couldn’t really see much so they took him for a CAT scan.  The dr. came in at 3:15 am Tuesday and said that she had already called the surgeon and he was on his way.  Scott needed emergency surgery becaue he had perforated his bowel and had an abscess.  They weren’t sure what else was going on and wouldn’t know until they got in to surgery.  so they wheeled him in at 5am and surgery started at 5:30am.  He came out of surgery and recovery at about 9 am.  They removed his right colon/appendix and 80 cm of his small intestine.  Scott is doing so much better now it is unreal! 

The dr said that he was about to go septic and if we hadn’t had gotten him in to the ER when we did it wouldn’t have been long and he wouldn’t be here today.  So Scott’s dad said that I have one heck of a trump card to play now.

We (Scott and me cause you know I am not leaving him here) will be in the hospital at least 7-10 days.

What we really need is prayers that healing comes quickly and that we don’t have any set backs now.  Thank you!


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